At Acorn Orthodontics we are proud to offer a full range of private treatment for both adults and children.

Our specialist orthodontists use state of the art techniques and materials and our private patients have the choice of the latest cosmetic and invisible braces. Private orthodontic treatment can usually start straight away with a choice of flexible appointment times and payment options to fit in with our patients’ busy lifestyles.

Cosmetic Braces

Visible (traditional) braces come in different styles, each with their own benefits. It is possible to have a combination of different braces to gain from the benefits of each.

Traditional Cosmetic Braces (Clarity, Ice)

Cosmetic braces consist of transparent or tooth-coloured brackets and provide a less visible alternative to metal braces. They provide the great results of fixed braces and are one of our most affordable aesthetic treatments, making them a popular choice for both adults and children.

Low Friction Braces (Damon)

We offer a range of the latest clear appliances including Damon Clear. As well as looking great, these are self-ligating, which means they don’t use elastic bands. This type of brace uses lighter forces than conventional braces and due to the low friction tooth movement may be faster than conventional treatment and the need for extractions may be reduced. Once fitted they need less adjustment so the appointment times can be further apart, resulting in less disruption to your life.

Invisible braces

Orthodontics has developed dramatically in the past few years and we are now straightening teeth faster and more discreetly than ever before. With more and more adults having orthodontic treatment in order to perfect their smiles, the demand for hidden braces has soared.

There are two kinds of invisible systems: Lingual, which means tongue –side and uses braces fitted behind the teeth and Aligners. These are removable transparent trays fitted snugly onto the teeth to gently move them into new positions.

Lingual Braces (Incognito™, Win lingual systems)

The best lingual systems on the market use brackets that are custom-made to fit behind your teeth, making it virtually invisible and as comfortable as possible. As well as being our most discreet braces they offer all the benefits and precision of a fixed brace, ensuring you get the best possible results from your treatment. Treatment can take up to two years but most of our patients begin to notice an improvement in just a few months.

Because the lingual braces are hidden behind your teeth it won’t be long before you’re showing off a more confident smile.

For simple cases involving just the front teeth we also offer Incognito™ Lite. With all the benefits of the Incognito™ hidden brace, it straightens just your front teeth, helping to create a confident smile in a matter of months.


Aligners are removable transparent trays that fit over the teeth like very thin gum shields to gradually straighten your teeth without the need for metal wires or brackets.

There can be anything from 5 to 25 aligners, each one is worn for around two weeks, for between 20 and 22 hours a day, and they should only be removed for eating and brushing.

Aligners can be ideal for mild to moderate problems.

NHS treatment

We are happy to have a contract with the NHS which allows us to provide NHS orthodontic treatment to young people under 18 with moderate to severe problems with their bite or tooth alignment.

Anyone under the age of 18 is eligible for a free orthodontic consultation, although you will need to be referred to us by your dentist.

We are given a limited amount of NHS funding each year and those who do qualify for treatment may have to join a waiting list before treatment can begin. If you do not qualify for NHS treatment we also offer private care, which is available for all ages and can offer a number of benefits over NHS care, including flexible appointment times and a choice of the latest invisible braces.